Sutomore is situated at Montenegro Adriatic coast 5 miles NI from town of Bar. Sutomore is known for long time for its long sandy beach and healthy climate.

Geographically Sutomore lies on the slope of the hill and it is stretched along pitoresque beaches carved by waves of Adriatic sea. Long sandy beach, open horison to Adriatic sea and high hills had created extremely healthy climate which made Sutomore famous. Besides that Sutomore is showing off with highest number of sunny days in Montenegro. Cosy hotels, restaurants, cafes and sport fields just along the sandy beach are perfect for holiday, fun and recreation.

Through its history Sutomore had been a fishermen village, the hiding place of the medevial pirates between forts of Antivaris, Haj Nehaj and Golo Brdo. Numerous archeological sites, fortresses, churches and monasteries are silent witnesses to high profile of this area during centuries.

Besides sandy beach Sutomore is known for large number of hidden beaches for romantics and adventurists. Any person will be able to find its favorite beach - sandy or rocky, but always warm, windless and hidden. These beaches are natural invitation to those who prefer Adam's and Eve's costumes, running away from urban chaos. Blue see-through sea water, colourful sand and rocky sculptures carved by the nature are symbols of natural charm of Sutomore.

Sutomore is famous for excelent cousine - sea food specialities prepared using natural olive oil ranging from shrimps to expencive San Pietro. For aperitif you would for sure be recomended to try Montenegrian grape brandy "Kruna", and during the main course the famous red wine "Vranac" or white one "Krstac".